Clinical Approach

We believe that learning and creativity are maximized within a framework of safe, genuine and secure relationships.

Clinical Services

Clinical services focus on Individualized Transdisciplinary Education Programs, designed around our idyllic campus with emphasis on supporting the educational program in classrooms, as well as in student life campus settings, and in the larger community. Respectful, appropriate, and effective evidence-based and research-based practices, which are grounded in a developmental and relationship-based model, are utilized by the clinical team.​

student in occupational therapy session

Each Student Has a Team of Experts

Each Shrub Oak student has a team of clinicians, faculty, and campus life staff who collaborate closely to address the student’s issues quickly and reinforce therapies and learning paths, so that students progress more rapidly.

Therapies are incorporated into every part of the student’s day from waking, through the academic experience, and after school and weekend experiences. In addition to behavioral therapists, the student’s clinical team also includes occupational, speech, and physical therapists as well as specialists in art and music therapy, based on his or her needs.

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High-Value Activities

Involving students in meaningful activities that suit their ability is a key component of the clinical approach at Shrub Oak. From nature experiences like hikes, interacting with therapy animals and growing food on our farm to cultural activities like museum visits, and many more, we use our 127-acre grounds and proximity to New York City as a rich tapestry of opportunity for our students to learn and grow.

Clinical approach includes interacting with horse
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The admission process starts with careful assessment of your child and a meeting with our admissions, and clinical team.

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