Opening Soon! New York Respite Care During Coronavirus

Beginning April 1, 2020 we will open our doors to you and your family for respite care. 

Dear Shrub Oak Families,

Shrub Oak International School continues to monitor the evolving novel COVID-19 virus situation and is following all guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, and New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene protocols for schools. Below are some updates on our plans:

Shrub Oak will be closed until at least April 1, in line with the executive order from the NY Governor. All schools in New York State have been closed until April 1. State officials have said this date may be extended; Shrub Oak is following all state guidance on this and will be in contact with all families with any updates.

The Education team is hard at work creating individually designed virtual classrooms for each student. These classrooms will be coming online on 3/25. Caitlin Sweetapple, Director of Education will be in touch with each family to discuss the classroom set-up in the coming days.

In place on campus during the closure period:

  • No outside visitors will be allowed on campus, including families and admissions tours. Any family communications with students are welcomed on a virtual basis.
  • Students currently off campus will remain off campus until the school re-opens.
  • Students remaining will not be traveling off campus.
  • Staff who are able to work from home, will do so to limit the number of people on campus.
  • Staff working with the students remaining on campus are maintaining safe social distance wherever possible, washing their hands and helping the students wash their hands, and maintaining a clean environment.
  • Security, Facilities and Dining staff are still working on campus and are maintaining the recommended social distance of 6 feet between individuals.

The point of contact for any questions or concerns for Shrub Oak families is Wendy Eklund. Please reach out to her via email at or 315-383-3749.

The Shrub Oak Leadership Team

COVID-19 Resources
New York Department of Health Interim Cleaning and Disinfection Guidance for Primary and Secondary Schools for COVID-19
Shrub Oak Cleaning Schedule

“Shrub Oak is the best thing to happen to our family."

In these uncertain times I could not be more happy that my 15 year old son is in such a safe and engaging environment. While I miss my him terribly and hate being so far away (we are in Northern California) I am relieved to finally have partners in my life that love and care for him as well as, if not better than, I would be able to right now. The staff is being extra careful. They are providing activities to keep him engaged beyond anything that I could.

The amount of love, care and hope that is present among all the staff and faculty is heart warming to me as a mom. I have likened it to LoveTea or LoveSoup and that the kids are continually being steeped in this healing brew that cannot help but affect them in positive ways. I am touched and amazed by the accommodations and adjustments that are continually made to make things work, to provide the most encouraging learning environment. Shrub Oak is not inexpensive but it is worth it and even more so during this evolving crisis. I am beyond grateful.”

- D.T.

Shrub Oak is now accepting international students!

In the midst of these challenging days surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Shrub Oak is excited to share some positive news with you. We have recently received our SEVIS approval, and we are prepared and ready to accept international students. We believe strongly in the value of a culturally diverse environment, and look forward to welcoming students from around the globe.

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