Our Student Life Team

Our overarching goal in student life is for students to leave Shrub Oak with the skills and knowledge to be successful, purposeful members of their communities for life and to have the skills to become self-determined advocates for their own dreams and aspirations.
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Members of every student life department work in an interdisciplinary manner with members of the academic and clinical service teams to promote student engagement, develop skills for independent living, foster opportunities for social interaction that build strong interpersonal relationships, emphasize personal health and wellness through active opportunities and nutrition, and promote creative development through artistic expression and individual creative exploration opportunities.

Student life at Shrub Oak International School is overseen by the Head of Student Life and includes five departments:

  • Residence Life
  • Student Activities
  • Athletics
  • Dining
  • Health and Wellness

Residence Life

The Residence Life team includes a Director, Assistant Director, and Residence Life Coordinators who have extensive experience working with students on the autism spectrum in a residential setting. We are actively involved in campus life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We assist students in learning life skills, socializing, and conflict resolution to succeed in independent living. Most of all, we work to create a family-oriented atmosphere that helps to make students feel at home.

Students participate in dance activity

Student Activities

Student Activities consists of a Director, Assistant Director, and Student Activities Coordinators who have in-depth experience in planning engaging social experiences for students on the autism spectrum. We provide a wide-range of experiences both on and off the Shrub Oak campus that continually engage students in exciting new adventures. All of our activities and trips are chosen to challenge and inspire our students to find new interests and strengths, and to continue to develop toward their goals.

basketball huddle


The Athletics team works in conjunction with the Student Activities staff to offer a wide range of athletic and recreational activities designed to meet each students’ physical fitness needs and interests, with lots of opportunities to try new things. We are there as coaches, as cheerleaders, and as fans!


A Director and Assistant Director make up the Dining department. Our Chef specializes in designing healthy and exciting menus that are nutritious and that incorporate the freshest ingredients – including produce from Shrub Oak’s very own garden! We work closely with the campus nutritionist and the medical staff to ensure that our menus promote growth and development and that all our students’ dietary needs are met.

Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness team includes a Director and Assistant Director (both nurse practitioners) as well as nurses and a nutritionist. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are healthy and all their medical needs are met on a 24-hour basis. We care deeply about wellness and make it our mission to engage the entire campus community in wellness education.

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