Wendy Federico, CSW

Director of Admissions

Wendy Federico has been a passionate and fierce advocate for the educational rights of the special needs child for over 30 years.

Wendy served as the Clinical Coordinator/Director of Admissions at The Lowell School for 18 years. For 13 years Wendy was the Director of Admissions at The Churchill School and Center. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team Wendy was responsible for all activities relating to admissions and recruitment. Wendy managed all aspects of the admissions process including coordination and facilitation of numerous Open House events and parent workshops.

Wendy served on the Executive Board of ISAAGNY as well as the planning committee for numerous NYSAIS conferences.

Wendy co-authored The Right Fit, a guide for parents navigating the world of special education. Wendy has advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education, Clinical Social Work and School Administration.

Wendy lives in Westchester and enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her two delicious grandchildren.

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