Enthusiasm Is Infectious…And It Never Gets Old…

Imagine being the recipient of a call from a soon-to-be staff member who had recently received a Shrub Oak International offer letter of employment: “This is AMAZING!! I am SOOOOO excited. THANK YOU!!!” Often, the next question that is asked is something akin to: “Can I start before school officially opens in September? I just want to be part of all that is being created!!”

In other organizations and industries, this kind of reaction is the exception; here at Shrub Oak International, it is wonderfully commonplace.

Our talent acquisition process marks only the beginning of our staff’s excitement. Channeling that raw excitement into opportunities for engagement, collaboration and development is an adventure.

Our highly talented, diverse staff will support all parts of the campus, namely, those positions that are student facing (Clinical, Education and Student Life) and those that provide support to those areas (including Client Services, Admissions, Technology, Security, HR, Finance, Client Services and Business Development).

It stands to reason that our selection process seeks individuals who are experienced in their areas of expertise. Yet, we look deeper. Just as importantly, we look for those who have a passion to work with our students, engage in our purpose/mission, and have a desire for continuous development. Implicit in that definition are those who exhibit compassion, respect and dignity in their work with students, parents and colleagues. We look for individuals that appreciate and value an individual’s holistic uniqueness, from their strengths to their areas of opportunity. We also seek individuals that can self-reflect, demonstrate humility and can understand that we all have areas of enhancement, which can, and should, be handled with care.

Why do we set such high standards and expectations for our staff?

How could we not? The most sophisticated strategy or mission is only as good as its supporting talent. This fact is deeply embedded in our talent acquisition and talent development approaches. Shrub Oak International recognizes that when parents and students evaluate our school, the experience and capabilities of those who will be working integrally with their child is critical. We know that our staff must possess the skills, capabilities and qualities to support each student’s development, and to enable their parents to comfortably partner with us and entrust their children into our care. We undertake our obligation with the seriousness it deserves and the humanity that is required.

Our staff will grow to approximately 600 to fully support our 390-person student body when we reach full enrollment. We will continue to hire those unique individuals whose personal and professional passions align with our work. We will also continue to inspire and cultivate their excitement.

To come full circle, enthusiasm is infectious…. it never gets old…and it will never be taken for granted.