Campus Experience

Shrub Oak is a community defined by a common sense of purpose, a community committed to excellence, and above all, a community committed to supporting one another. 

Guided by our core values of inclusivity, support, collaboration, and friendship, we approach each day with the belief that everything is possible.


Located just 30 minutes north of New York City, the Shrub Oak campus is ideally situated on 127 acres of rolling, wooded hills in northern Westchester County. As the area’s leading private day and boarding school for students on the autism spectrum, Shrub Oak offers both proximity to New York City and the unparalleled beauty of the Hudson Valley. Designed for an international coed population of children, adolescents, and young adults on the autism spectrum, our boarding program provides a safe, nurturing environment where each student is respected as an individual.

Boarding Program

Shrub Oak’s boarding program provides ASD students with a continuum of care that extends well beyond the school day. Surrounded by experts who care, Shrub Oak boarding students benefit from around the clock supervision complemented by an after-school curriculum that incorporates independent living skills, social development and relationship building, as well as health and wellness. Each student has their own modern, spacious dorm room with beautiful views of campus and the surrounding mountains. 

Day Program

To accommodate younger students and local residents, Shrub Oak also offers a day program developed with the same care and individualized attention as our boarding program, integrating each student’s interests, developmental needs, and abilities. 


All Shrub Oak students have an opportunity to participate in the rich and varied experiences that constitute the Shrub Oak campus experience. Activities are designed to stimulate students’ interests and expand their life skills. On campus, we’ve designed activities for children with autism with a holistic approach to their emotional and physical health.

Recreational programs include art, music, hiking, biking, yoga, horticulture, farming, animal therapy, and more. Weekends are filled with off-campus outings to town, the trampoline park, bowling alley, outdoor markets, parks and a wealth of other experiences that build familiarity and comfort with the wider world.

Activities are integrated into each student’s personally-designed transdisciplinary curriculum developed with a team of educators, clinicians, and campus life staff along with the student and caregivers. This individualized approach supports each student’s developmental goals and needs, while incorporating personal interests and fun into the design of their experience at Shrub Oak.

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