Esther Teligades

Director of Campus Life

Esther Teligades has worked with students on the autism spectrum and various other classifications for more than 30 years. With experience in areas such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis, and IEP development, Esther is well-equipped to create a rich, vibrant campus life program for the students at Shrub Oak.

Born and raised in Liverpool, England as one of twelve children, Esther worked in youth development, community centers, and as a support professional in a United Kingdom residential boarding school before immigrating to the United States in 1998. She has received multiple distinguished employee awards in special education programs in the U.S., and describes herself as a strong advocate for students, with the aim of teaching students to advocate for themselves. She prides herself in partnering with parents, special education teams, and students to infuse a student-centered approach to transition planning, and believes every single moment we spend with children is a teachable moment.

Esther’s principal goal as Director of Campus Life is to see students walk away with the tools they need to be successful, independent, and confident in navigating life.

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