Education Driven By Student Passion

Parents often tell us they want an education for their children that incorporates their interests and passions. At Shrub Oak, we accomplish that by providing opportunities for active and experiential learning. By connecting with each child on an individual level, we create an environment that is conducive to the deepest level of learning possible. We […]

Diversity is Our Greatest Strength

I walked the campus this weekend with Farmer Glenn, deep into the woods and across the open fields, surveying the campus from the ground to the treetops. We were accessing the biodiversity of the campus, which you know from a previous blog here is a sign of the campus’ biological health. We both joined iNaturalist […]

Enthusiasm Is Infectious…And It Never Gets Old…

Imagine being the recipient of a call from a soon-to-be staff member who had recently received a Shrub Oak International offer letter of employment: “This is AMAZING!! I am SOOOOO excited. THANK YOU!!!” Often, the next question that is asked is something akin to: “Can I start before school officially opens in September? I just […]