Local Adaptive Playgrounds

Shrub Oak International School students are fortunate to have access to a number of adaptive playgrounds both on and off our campus. Check out these great options in our neighborhood!

  1. Granite Knolls Sports Complex (Mohegan Lake): This inclusive playground spans 15 acres and features areas where children of all abilities can engage their senses through sight, sound, smell, and touch. The sensory garden includes plants like jasmine, peppermint, and lavender to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Harmony Park (Rye): Located at the Cerebral Palsy Center of Westchester, this adaptive playground and sensory garden offers wheelchair-accessible equipment and sensory activities. The park includes features such as a merry-go-round, water play table, music, and games, making it suitable for individuals with mobility issues, autism, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities.
  3. Saxon Woods Park (White Plains): Home to Andy’s Playground, which includes some adaptive playground equipment from Boundless Playground. This park is known for its 18-hole golf course and swimming pool.

At Shrub Oak International School, we prioritize the holistic development of our autistic students by regularly visiting adaptive playgrounds in the vicinity. We are incredibly lucky to have Granite Knolls literally in our backyard! Visits to places like the Granite Knolls Sports Complex and Harmony Park provide our students with opportunities to engage in sensory and physical activities tailored to their needs. The inclusive environments of these playgrounds, equipped with wheelchair-accessible equipment and sensory gardens, enhance our students’ sensory integration, motor skills, and social interactions, contributing to their overall well-being and growth.

For more information on adaptive playgrounds in the area, you can visit the Westchester Family website.


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