Student Profile

group of diverse students outside together

Students at Shrub Oak:

  • Have a diagnosis of Autism, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Social Pragmatic Disorder, ADHD, Learning and Cognitive Disabilities, Dual Diagnoses of Autism and Co-Occurring Conditions, Twice Exceptional, Communication and Social challenges, Learning and Behavior Differences, or other related conditions
  • Benefit from small class size, high teacher-student ratio, and nurturing, structured student-life activities
  • May have difficulty with social interactions, executive functioning, and abstract, non-literal communication
  • May experience sensory integration challenges, such as under- or overactive responses to sensory stimulation
  • Are not dangerous to themselves or others
  • Are not involved in substance abuse, do not have eating disorders, are not pregnant, do not exhibit overtly sexualized behaviors, and do not engage in fire-setting behaviors.
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