Announcing the New Student-Run Pokémon Club at Shrub Oak International School

Shrub Oak International School is excited to announce the launch of our new, student-run Pokémon Club. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering an inclusive, engaging, and supportive community for our students. The club is designed to offer a dynamic and interactive platform for students to explore their interests, develop social skills, and engage in collaborative activities.

The Pokémon Club aims to create a welcoming environment where our students can bond over shared interests. Participation in such clubs is particularly beneficial for autistic students, as it provides opportunities to develop social skills in a structured and enjoyable setting. Research indicates that engagement in interest-based activities can significantly enhance social interaction, communication skills, and peer relationships among autistic individuals (Koenig, L.J., 2004).

The club will facilitate a range of activities, including trading card games, video game tournaments, and discussions about the Pokémon universe. These activities are designed not only to entertain but also to promote critical thinking, strategic planning, and teamwork. Students will have the chance to lead sessions, share their knowledge, and collaborate on projects, thereby enhancing their leadership and organizational skills.

At Shrub Oak International School, we recognize the importance of providing a structured environment that caters to the unique needs of our students. The Pokémon Club will be supervised by staff members who are experienced in supporting our students, ensuring that all activities are conducted in a manner that is both enjoyable and beneficial for all participants.

The club’s activities will be tailored to accommodate different skill levels and interests, ensuring that every student can participate and feel valued. This approach aligns with our school’s philosophy of providing individualized support and fostering an inclusive community.

Beyond social benefits, the Pokémon Club can also contribute to students’ academic and personal growth. Engaging in Pokémon-related activities can enhance cognitive skills such as memory, attention to detail, and problem-solving. For instance, playing the Pokémon trading card game requires players to use mathematical skills to calculate damage and strategize moves, while video games can improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Additionally, the club will encourage students to express themselves creatively through art, writing, and other forms of media. They can create their own Pokémon characters, design game strategies, or write stories about their favorite Pokémon adventures. These activities provide a creative outlet and help develop fine motor skills, literacy, and artistic talents.

We invite all our students at Shrub Oak International School to join the new Pokémon Club and embark on this exciting journey. For more information about the Pokémon Club or to learn more about our school’s programs and initiatives, please visit the Shrub Oak International School website. Together, let’s catch ’em all and make the Pokémon Club a vibrant and enriching experience for all our students.


Koenig, L. J. (2004). “Facilitating Social Communication in Children with Autism: Implications for Inclusive Settings.” Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.


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