Community with a Community

The news is saturated with articles about organizations seeking to build their headquarters in a city that fits their exacting specifications.  The cities eliminated from the competition are left to reflect on their weaknesses rather than the strengths that make them unique.

Far from dictating its specifications, Shrub Oak International School continues to discover and embrace the unique strengths and diversity of our neighbors – individuals, businesses, and organizations.    Using the same strength-based relationship approach we will employ with our students, we are building ongoing, trusting relationships with our neighbors – one by one.

Why do we do this?

It is who we are.  Shrub Oak International functions as an integrated community within a larger community.  Sharing our cultural imperatives (dignity, respect and collaboration, to name a few) with the town, the surrounding areas and its constituents is embedded within our DNA.  Our efforts have been graciously welcomed and returned in kind.

How does this affect our students and families?

Intimately.  We want our students, both boarding and day, to feel comfortably at home within our school and its community. While participating in internships, work, hiking, outings, community farm stands, shopping and more, our students will feel empowered and accepted.  Just as importantly, welcoming students’ families into our community to visit their loved ones (as often as they desire) is pivotal to their students’ successful development.  We will serve as a concierge and resource for students and families in this regard to the extent possible.

How do we do this?

With ease.  Forging lasting, trusting relationships is what makes us unique.  Working with the Town of Yorktown and the Yorktown Small Business Association, we presented at the Small Business and Employment Opportunity Fair at Mercy College.  It was a gratifying experience to meet and engage with government officials, town representatives, business owners, job searchers and more.  The event’s culmination was just the beginning of the invitations we received to collaborate further.  We are fortunate to have found a community of like mind and vision.

How can this community experience be described?

It is unique. Shrub Oak International School is nestled in an inviting location characterized by majestic old world charm, intriguing history, beautiful landscapes, unmistakable landmarks and working farms.  Yet, it is also an area characterized by present day sophistication, businesses and major corporations, all within close proximity to major airports, highways and cities. Plan a visit and experience our community within a community.


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