A Connected-Community Driven Approach to Student Development

The adage “It Takes a Village….” to support a child, adolescent or young adult’s growth … is an understatement. Its application can extend beyond the traditional reference to a child’s family, home and the community in which they live.

Shrub Oak International School passionately shares that holistic, community-driven philosophy toward development. Our boarding and day students will enjoy and thrive in an integrated community: our campus, staff, their families and support systems, the community and more.

Our Internal Connection

Shrub Oak has combined the most successful therapeutic models and the latest evidence-based principles into a curriculum with an unsurpassed level of individual focus. Far from operating in silos, our seamless transdisciplinary approach will empower each student to progress toward a purposeful, self-sustaining future to the best of his/her ability. Our bucolic 127-acre campus and sophisticated technology will serve as indoor and outdoor ‘classrooms’ enabling students to partake in learning and developing social, life, vocational and academic skills.

Our Staff’s Intimate Connection to Parents

While each student will have a dedicated team of clinical, educational and student life professionals, Shrub Oak recognizes that student success cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Student development and progress depends upon the ongoing involvement of and communication with a student’s family and others. Cultivating and nurturing trusting, respectful relationships with each student’s parents, their supporting professionals and other members of their support systems are critical components of our program.

Our Connection to the Community

Shrub Oak recognizes that the community extends beyond its campus. Shrub Oak is establishing warm, welcoming relationships with the community in which it operates. Critical to our students’ success is that they feel safe and comfortable in the area in which they live and work. Our students will be involved in internships with our local businesses and will visit the surrounding area with staff as part of the curriculum. Shrub Oak is building those community-based relationships to inure to our students benefit one at a time. We demonstrate the same respect, authenticity, dedication and commitment in cultivating and maintaining those relationships as we do with our students.

Upcoming Connecting Events

Shrub Oak values its relationship with the community, Town of Yorktown and the Small Business Association, viewing its corporate presence and social responsibility as any respectful community resident. Engaging and giving back to the local and surrounding community will take many forms including sharing our approaches and methodology with others, making our school available to other organizations for their learning/development and other functions, sharing the produce from our working farm and much more.

In the near term, Shrub Oak will be participating in the:

We will have booths at both events and welcome you stopping by to introduce yourself if you are in the neighborhood. Let us welcome you to the community.


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