Education Driven By Student Passion

Parents often tell us they want an education for their children that incorporates their interests and passions. At Shrub Oak, we accomplish that by providing opportunities for active and experiential learning.

By connecting with each child on an individual level, we create an environment that is conducive to the deepest level of learning possible. We design programs and experiences that promote purposeful and meaningful explorations of their interests, building on the knowledge and innate abilities of each and every student. We work with them to create their own goalposts and to fashion their own experiences so that they thoroughly engage in their education throughout the program.

We are constantly working to maximize the student experience. By creating a safe, inclusive and vibrant living and learning environment, we see each student strengthen their ability to learn and grow. Integrating our students into the Shrub Oaks campus and community is of tremendous value and critical to the program. Our highly-trained staff provides services for our students in a positive, knowledgeable and skillful manner designed to enhance the student experience and contribute to student success.

As we foster this unique learning environment on campus, we are also actively engaging with our surrounding community to incorporate this wonderful neighborhood into student life. By encouraging innovation with the local area, we create an environment that thrives on collaborative learning and growth. We have already established ties that benefit both students and members of the wider community and plan to expand on those relationships in the years to come. As we do so, we will support communication between that larger community and our family support systems, providing information to those who need it in a timely manner and actively seek feedback from our campus partners, students and families.


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