Denis Lynch, PMP

Director of Technology

With nearly 20 years of experience, Denis Lynch brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.  Having a background in vendor management, project management and systems integration, Denis is well versed in all aspects of running a successful IT department.

As the IT Director at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, Denis lead initiatives to upgrade their dormitory infrastructure, email system, accounting platform, phone system (VOIP), and Student Information database.  At Shrub Oak International, Denis is continuing these practices by ensuring that our state-of-the-art systems remain on the leading edge.  As a technology enthusiast, Denis is always assessing new devices and services that can enhance the classroom and school setting.   In a world where most people experience electronic devices as distractions, we tend to overlook how powerful they can be in student engagement.

Working closely with the staff and students, Denis identifies areas of need that could benefit from the inclusion of technology.  Whether it’s enhancements to daily operations, or the introduction of Virtual Reality, he is always investigating the best way to support our school.  His ability to translate functional requests into technical requirements really helps our development team meet expectations.

In addition, Denis has fostered growing relationships with the students. He has created a welcoming office space where the students love to visit him and talk about the interests they share, such as video games, comic books and movies. Denis’s warm and caring nature, along with his extensive IT experience, makes him a wonderful addition to the Shrub Oak family.

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