Free Online Resources for Families of Autistic Individuals

  1. National Autism Association (NAA)


The NAA provides resources focusing on safety, medical needs, and advocacy. They offer a range of toolkits and guides tailored to specific needs, including wandering prevention and bullying prevention.

  1. Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)


ASAN is a nonprofit organization run by and for autistic individuals. They provide free policy advocacy resources, guides for navigating services, and information on self-advocacy.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


The CDC offers a range of materials on early signs, diagnosis, and management of ASD. Their site includes free downloadable resources, including milestones checklists and parenting tips.

  1. Autism Navigator


Autism Navigator provides video resources, online courses, and tools to help families and professionals better understand autism. Their platform includes a variety of free materials for parents and caregivers.

  1. Interactive Autism Network (IAN)


IAN offers a platform for parents and caregivers to participate in research and access a wealth of information on autism. The site includes articles, research findings, and community forums.

  1. Autism Society


The Autism Society provides a nationwide directory of autism-related services, including support groups, educational resources, and advocacy materials. Their website offers free resources for families and professionals.

  1. Wrightslaw


Wrightslaw is a comprehensive resource for parents seeking information on special education law and advocacy. They provide articles, books, and training programs to help families navigate the education system.

  1. Parent to Parent USA


Parent to Parent USA connects families of children with special needs, offering peer support and information. Their network provides free emotional and informational support to parents.

  1. The Arc


The Arc supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism. Their website offers resources on advocacy, education, and community living.


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