Introducing Shrub Oak International School’s New Diploma Camp

Shrub Oak International School is proud to announce the successful launch of our innovative Diploma Camp, a program designed to foster community and promote social interaction among our high school students and students transitioning into the high school program. Recognizing the importance of social development alongside academic growth, Diploma Camp provides our students with an enriching environment where they can engage with their peers outside the typical academic setting.

During the school week, students are divided into separate cohorts focused on academic pursuits so Diploma Camp was created with the goal of encouraging students in our high school diploma program to interact as a cohesive group. Diploma Camp provides opportunities for all students in the diploma program to come together in a social setting. This initiative allows students to navigate the complexities of larger peer interactions and build meaningful relationships while enjoying various activities.

The activities at Diploma Camp are thoughtfully curated to ensure a blend of fun and learning. Among the highlights are movie days, complete with fresh popcorn and snacks, where students can relax and bond over shared cinematic experiences. Creative pursuits such as t-shirt decorating and fuse bead projects offer outlets for self-expression and collaboration. Additionally, smoothie-making sessions provide a hands-on, interactive experience that promotes teamwork and healthy eating habits.

The students participating in Diploma Camp have taken trips with staff to Lake Mohegan Park, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and natural surroundings. These outings included swimming in the lake, playing badminton and ping pong, and culminating the day with a pizza picnic. Such trips not only allow students to enjoy the great outdoors but also promote physical activity and social interaction in a relaxed setting.

The positive feedback from both students and staff underscores the success of Diploma Camp. By creating a space where our students can connect outside the pressures of academic performance, Shrub Oak International School is fostering a sense of community and belonging. The program’s success has paved the way for it to become a cherished tradition, particularly during the summer months when students can fully immerse themselves in the camp’s offerings.

Shrub Oak International School is committed to the continued success and evolution of Diploma Camp. Plans are underway to expand the range of activities and incorporate new experiences that align with the interests and needs of the students. We envision Diploma Camp as a cornerstone of our holistic approach to education, one that values social development as much as academic achievement. By offering students a platform to engage socially and build lasting friendships, the camp not only enhances their school experience but also prepares them for the broader social dynamics they will encounter in life. We are excited to see the continued positive impact of Diploma Camp on our students, confident that this initiative will be a lasting and beloved part of our community.


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