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Community with a Community

The news is saturated with articles about organizations seeking to build their headquarters in a city that fits their exacting specifications.  The cities eliminated from the competition are left to reflect on their weaknesses rather than the strengths that make them unique. Far from dictating its specifications, Shrub Oak International

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Finding the Right Fit: Boarding or Day School?

For some families, especially families with a child with autism, the thought of enrolling a son or daughter in a boarding school can be scary. But in reality, the benefits of a boarding program – particularly a leading-edge program such as Shrub Oak’s – are extraordinary, not only for the

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The Case of Cameron

What is the goal of secondary school for students with autism spectrum disorders? Why do schools need a philosophical framework that guides the preparation of students for further education or leads to meaningful employment? To examine these questions, let’s consider the case of Cameron – which is fictional – but

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Our Dedication to Learning

Learning never ends for Shrub Oak International School staff and faculty. This Spring we’ve embarked on a series of webinars and training sessions to take advantage of our Advisory Board members’ extraordinary expertise. One thing that differentiates our faculty is that, while other programs hire us to consult and teach

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A Connected-Community Driven Approach to Student Development

The adage “It Takes a Village….” to support a child, adolescent or young adult’s growth … is an understatement. Its application can extend beyond the traditional reference to a child’s family, home and the community in which they live. Shrub Oak International School passionately shares that holistic, community-driven philosophy toward

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Shrub Oak International School Attends UN’s World Autism Awareness Day

April is National Autism Awareness month. This year, in observance of World Autism Awareness Day, Shrub Oak International School will attend the United Nations’ (UN) panel discussion. Established by United Nations Resolution World Autism Awareness Day was first observed in 2008, following unanimous approval of an international resolution on the

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