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Autism Friendly Museums on the East Coast

Looking for educational outings for the whole family? Several museums on the East Coast offer autism-friendly programs and accommodations to create an inclusive and sensory-friendly environment for visitors with autism. Here is a list of notable autism-friendly museums: Boston Children’s Museum (Boston, MA) Programs: The museum offers “Morningstar Access” events,

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Free Online Resources for Families of Autistic Individuals

National Autism Association (NAA) Website: www.nationalautismassociation.org The NAA provides resources focusing on safety, medical needs, and advocacy. They offer a range of toolkits and guides tailored to specific needs, including wandering prevention and bullying prevention. Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) Website:  www.autisticadvocacy.org ASAN is a nonprofit organization run by and

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Celebrating Disability Pride Month: Honoring the Contributions of All

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to honor the diversity, strength, and resilience of individuals with disabilities. This month-long celebration aims to challenge societal attitudes, dismantle ableist stereotypes, and promote a more inclusive society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is valued and respected. Disability Pride Month traces its

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Introducing Shrub Oak International School’s New Diploma Camp

Shrub Oak International School is proud to announce the successful launch of our innovative Diploma Camp, a program designed to foster community and promote social interaction among our high school students and students transitioning into the high school program. Recognizing the importance of social development alongside academic growth, Diploma Camp

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