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A Connected-Community Driven Approach to Student Development

The adage “It Takes a Village….” to support a child, adolescent or young adult’s growth … is an understatement. Its application can extend beyond the traditional reference to a child’s family, home and the community in which they live. Shrub Oak International School passionately shares that holistic, community-driven philosophy toward

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Shrub Oak International School Attends UN’s World Autism Awareness Day

April is National Autism Awareness month. This year, in observance of World Autism Awareness Day, Shrub Oak International School will attend the United Nations’ (UN) panel discussion. Established by United Nations Resolution World Autism Awareness Day was first observed in 2008, following unanimous approval of an international resolution on the

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Leaders, Pioneers, and Change Agents

There are many remarkable aspects about Shrub Oak International School that make it a groundbreaking model for autism education. But none of these is more critical to our mission than our internationally renowned – and actively engaged – Advisory Board. The twelve individuals on the Shrub Oak Advisory Board were

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Advantages of a Neurodiverse Workplace

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, sought to bring about sweeping change by prohibiting employment discrimination against individuals with disabilities. It was a good beginning. While some organizations embraced it with open arms, many have implemented policies akin to a compliance checklist for hiring employees with disabilities. Some

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Aligning Mission and Culture Makes a Great Team for Student Success

Organizational culture has achieved acclaimed status as a primary lever for enhancing company effectiveness and competitiveness in Board Rooms and C-Suites alike. Yet long before that, employees and clients could easily articulate what it ‘felt like’ to work for, or with, an organization; descriptors ran the gamut from complementary to

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