Reading Emotions Whenever someone asks me about the Equine Center when I am taking them on a tour of Shrub Oak, they ask about Hippotherapy. I always tell them that we will not be doing hippotherapy at Shrub Oak, but that we will be doing Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Mental Health […]

Integrated Student Life Approach

Student life is much more than just fun activities; it is an incorporation of all aspects of a student’s life into integrated transdisciplinary plan to develop skills for independence. At Shrub Oak, we pride ourselves in the wide array of opportunities for active exploration and learning that transcend the walls of the classroom to every […]

Great Expectations

Whenever I do an admission evaluation for the Shrub Oak International School, or when I see a student in my private practice, I always think that the young man or woman in front of me is at least as smart as me, and probably a good deal smarter. I always think I.Q. tests are slanted […]

Community with a Community
Viburnum Flower on Shrub Oak Campus
Building Health from the Ground Up
Student doing homework outdoors at boarding school
Finding the Right Fit: Boarding or Day School?