Shrub Oak International School’s 2024 Prom: Under the Sea

Social events like prom hold significant importance for autistic individuals, offering a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the typical social experiences associated with these gatherings. For autistic individuals, these events provide unique opportunities for social integration, personal growth, and community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Prom, often seen as a quintessential American high school experience, serves as a valuable platform for autistic individuals to practice and enhance their social skills. The structured environment of a prom, with its clearly defined expectations and rituals, can be particularly beneficial. Autistic individuals often thrive in settings where social rules are explicit, allowing them to navigate interactions more comfortably. Engaging in activities such as dancing, conversing with peers, and participating in group dynamics can help autistic individuals develop their social competencies in a supportive and celebratory atmosphere.

Moreover, attending prom can significantly boost the self-esteem of autistic individuals. These events provide recognition of their achievements and inclusion within their peer group. The act of preparing for prom—selecting attire, hair, makeup, and making plans with friends—can be empowering, fostering a sense of independence and self-determination. For many autistic individuals, being a part of such a culturally significant event reaffirms their place within the social fabric of their school community, counteracting feelings of isolation and marginalization.

Prom also offers a valuable opportunity for autistic individuals to forge meaningful connections with their peers. High school can be a challenging environment for anyone, but it can be particularly daunting for autistic individuals who may struggle with social nuances. Prom, with its emphasis on celebration and togetherness, creates a space where autistic individuals can bond with their classmates over shared experiences and memories. These connections can extend beyond the event itself, laying the groundwork for lasting friendships and support networks.

In addition to the immediate social benefits, participating in prom can have long-term positive effects on the emotional well-being of autistic individuals. The sense of accomplishment and joy derived from such experiences contributes to a positive self-concept and mental health. Being included in significant social milestones helps autistic individuals feel valued and accepted, which is crucial for their overall development and quality of life. It reinforces the notion that they are an integral part of their community, deserving of the same opportunities and celebrations as their neurotypical peers.

This June, Shrub Oak International School hosted its much-anticipated prom, an event that was eagerly awaited by the entire school community. The prom committee worked tirelessly to ensure that the evening was inclusive and enjoyable for all students. Special accommodations, such as sensory-friendly spaces, games, snacks, sensory toys, breaks, and staff support, were thoughtfully integrated into the planning to create a welcoming atmosphere. The theme, “Under the Sea,” was a magical experience, complete with decorations, music, and activities designed to engage and delight everyone. For our students, this prom represented not just a night of celebration, but a powerful affirmation of their place within our school community, offering them the chance to create cherished memories and strengthen bonds with their peers.


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