Epic Autistic-Owned Businesses

Autistic entrepreneurs are making significant strides across various industries, showcasing their creativity, innovation, and dedication. Here, we highlight some successful businesses and ventures founded and run by autistic individuals, each contributing uniquely to their respective fields. Spectrum Designs Foundation Founders: Patrick Bardsley, Tim Howe, Nicole Sugrue, and Stella Spanakos Industry: Apparel and Promotional Products About: […]

Summer Reading List for Autism Awareness

At Shrub Oak International School, our Book Club is a vibrant and inclusive community where students explore literature that celebrates diversity and neurodiversity. In that spirit, this summer why not immerse yourself in a collection of enriching books and comics that illuminate diverse perspectives on autism? Whether you seek insightful narratives or engaging stories, these […]

The Importance of Autistic Individuals Working on Filming

Filmmaking is a multifaceted art form that offers immense benefits for autistic individuals. Engaging in film projects can help develop various skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and technical proficiency. For many autistic individuals, expressing themselves can be challenging, and filmmaking provides a unique medium to articulate thoughts and emotions visually and audibly. This creative […]

DIY Sensory-Friendly Crafts for Summer

Engaging in sensory-friendly crafts during the summer can provide both relaxation and sensory stimulation, making it an ideal activity for individuals seeking calming and enjoyable experiences. These crafts can incorporate textures, colors, and soothing elements, offering a therapeutic way to unwind on lazy summer afternoons. Crafting during the summer offers a blend of creativity and […]

Weather Safety

Ensuring the safety of autistic individuals during extreme or severe weather is a crucial aspect of their well-being, given the unique challenges they may face in such situations. These challenges include sensory sensitivities, difficulties with communication, and the need for predictable routines. Implementing a comprehensive safety plan tailored to their specific needs can mitigate these […]

The Power of Creative Writing for Autistic Individuals

Creative writing is a vital tool for personal expression, development, and communication, particularly for autistic individuals. It offers a unique avenue to articulate thoughts, emotions, and experiences that might otherwise remain unexpressed due to the communication challenges often associated with autism. Through creative writing, autistic individuals can explore and convey their inner worlds, fostering a […]

Seeing the World through a Different Lens

At Shrub Oak International School, our photography club offers a unique and enriching experience for our students. Photography, as an art form, holds significant importance for autistic individuals, providing a medium for self-expression, communication, and personal growth. Our club fosters these benefits by creating a supportive environment where students can explore their creativity, build confidence, […]

Ways to Bond with an Autistic Person

At Shrub Oak International School, our staff are dedicated to forming strong, meaningful bonds with our students. Through personalized approaches and consistent, compassionate interactions, we ensure that each student feels understood and supported. Our team goes above and beyond to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive, building trust and fostering positive relationships that […]

Local Adaptive Playgrounds

Shrub Oak International School students are fortunate to have access to a number of adaptive playgrounds both on and off our campus. Check out these great options in our neighborhood! Granite Knolls Sports Complex (Mohegan Lake): This inclusive playground spans 15 acres and features areas where children of all abilities can engage their senses through […]