What Are the Benefits of an IEP

6 Benefits of IEPs for Autism

When it comes to a customized program that fits the needs of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) become not only a priority but a necessity. What is an IEP? Is it tailored for Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD? How and why will it benefit a child with related development disorders?  

In the US, all children with special needs due to disability are guaranteed “free, appropriate public education” or FAPE under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  FAPE is offered to eligible children and their families by providing students special education by means of an Individualized Education Program or Plan, IEP. This written plan allows a child to have a unique, customized education program that fits their needs. In addition, the child’s educators and parents are supported in their efforts to tailor classroom needs to the child.

An IEP is a collaborative development between educator and parent usually containing the following: a review of the child’s current academic performance, details of the child’s disability as it relates to their educational progress, yearly goals and outline for assessment of these goals.

This outlined plan will then serve as a roadmap for the months even years to come in the child’s education. 

How IEP Works for a Child with Autism

Since creating an IEP is a highly personalized process, those involved with establishing one for a child with autism would also take a customized approach to the plan. The design for this program would require heavy involvement on the part of the child’s parents, current teachers, special needs staff and possibly also clinical therapists. All of the student’s special education and special services needs, including any counseling or therapy, would be included in the plan. The IEP would outline all of these activities, the time allocated for each and the measurement of progress for all.

An IEP would include goals in academic, social, emotional, and behavioral areas. These goals would be further broken down to include weekly, monthly or quarterly objectives in each of the above areas.

What are the Benefits of an IEP?

  1. Creates opportunity for the student and those involved including their families, teachers, administrators, and personnel
  2. Establishes structure for the student and their educators
  3. Provides an actionable plan to all involved
  4. Promotes educational advancement today and tomorrow
  5. Gives back quality education to the student
  6. Individual focus and care enables students to progress toward a purposeful future


Get Started with an IEP

In each life step your ASD child makes, the IEP can assist them to succeed. The IEP will not only benefit but also improve results educationally and socially for the child.

At Shrub Oak International School, we help ASD students develop IEPs, Individualized Transdisciplinary Education Programs (ITEP) that are customized to their specific needs and wishes. This process is performed student-by-student with the collaboration of parents, educators, clinicians, and student life staff.

By serving the needs of an international population of children and young adults, we make it our priority to align our curriculums around your ASD student and their IEP’s. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and each succeeds on their own level within the autism spectrum.

Making the IEP a priority, we are able to uphold our school’s high standards of individualized care, which empowers each of them to achieve their own greatest potential. Our mission is to help our students believe in themselves and their abilities. 


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